Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The First Conversation

This was a recent conversation over a facebook note. It spilled over into this. [Most names have been altered to protect identities]

From this argument:

Dude. I just got back and saw all the shit that went down last night.

1) I like how you insult people online acting as if you won something after I only read one last comment before leaving. Real mature of you to do that. Oh, and your barely functioning 30-something friend needs to grow up too. Probably still playing xbox more than he’s getting his shit together.

2) Not cool bringing religion into a simple argument over guns. You have nothing to back up your point? Fine. Be a man and admit you don’t have a valid argument or that you just won’t be swayed. I’d be cool with that. But NEVER, EVER attack someone else because you think your views are superior. That’s how wars get started.

3) Way to mix up your fucking religions dumbass. I'm Hindu, not Muslim. It’s time that dumbshit Americans get it right. In fact, I'm going to guess that you think that the entire Islamic religion enables terrorism? Dead wrong. It's extremists, not the religion as a whole.

4) Way to insult Philip on something he knew more about than you. He’s right, the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian faith all worship the same God. They’re just given different names (due to language) and worshipped differently. And no, the Bible and the Quran are different as they were written by different prophets. Go ahead, look it up. Too afraid it will destroy everything your Anglo-American Christian education taught you? Of course it would. They taught you that so that there would be no way for you to see that the other side is actually human, too.

If you actually researched this shit instead of insulting Philip AND Jesseeca you’d know that they were right. I wouldn’t go around insulting them as their GPA could tear you asunder in a second. Obviously, if you paid a little more attention in World History (or in any class, really), we might respect you a little more.

5) When trying to insult somebody for going to hell because they’re atheist, it’s best not to look like the worst possible Christian in the world. From your attitudes and actions, you have no tolerance towards other people which, if you actually looked into the damn Bible, Jesus advocates regardless of spiritual choice. And before you can insult my religion and say I know nothing about Christianity, ask Christopher XX. I went to his Baptist Christian school for a while and pretty much went through a course on how not to be an extreme dick to other people.

6) It’s possibly the most immature thing to have to resort to “tea bag”, “butt pirates” and some shit about fried chicken. If you wanted your argument to mean something, then I suggest you get up off that high-ass horse you’re always sitting on and stop acting like you’re still in 6th grade, giggling at gay jokes. Although, your IQ probably has something to do with that…

I’m not doing this for arguments sake. I’m just really mad you and your friend had to resort to insults in order to get your points across, whatever they may have been. I’m not even sure they were points, really. Even if what I’m saying right now is mean, it’s nothing compared to what you did to them. It came from nowhere, and you pretty much started it for no reason from what I can see. I’d like it if you’d just take back your insults and just call your opinions, opinions. Not inarguable facts! None of my friends attacked you without you attacking them first, and that says a lot about your attitude. You resorted to immature tactics to demean them when you obviously couldn’t come up with an intelligent enough argument to combat theirs. You rubbed religion in the face of your opponents when you clearly demonstrated very little knowledge of those religions or even of your own (i.e. you demeaning others, judging them, using profanity, and oh! my favorite, threatening to kill another person). I hope you look at this and realize that maybe you were wrong. Maybe you should have backed out a little instead of forcing your views on others. Maybe you should have been a bit mature about this situation. I respect your opinion. But that’s what it is, an opinion. No matter how much you’re convinced its correct, liberal arts such as politics and religion can never be one way or the other. People like you pull a negligent attitude and blame everyone else instead of yourself. It’s time you look in the mirror and see that maybe you’re part of the problem.

Philip at 12:24am April 16

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:24am April 16
ill let yall keep swandering in your pathetic ideologies have fun!!!

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:24am April 16
and no its not you have your opinions jesseeca ill keep mine.

Jakob at 12:25am April 16
Dwayne, this is the 2nd time you "left" this conversation only to come back in a few minutes

Philip at 12:26am April 16
Keep your opinions, Dwayne. Don't force them onto others.

And then admit what you said, and admit you lied.

Jesseeca at 12:27am April 16
Exactly. And if you would simply, respect mine and those of my friends, I could find an easier time respecting yours.
But like I said, I just can't.

Jacob at 12:28am April 16
Make like Jesus and have dinner with a few prostitutes and tax collectors :) Or... in your case... hindus and muslims

Alap at 12:28am April 16
you mean that you'll force your opinions down others throats and then call them sinners and tell them their views are wrong and that they're going to hell. Very Christian-like of you Dwayne.

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:28am April 16
keep going keep going i love it.

Jacob at 12:29am April 16
Alrighty, stop bein mean.
I bet Jesus is doing a total facepalm right now.

Alap at 12:31am April 16
I'll bet you do you sadistic masochistic creep. There are atheists out there better at living your religion's values than you.

Do us all a favor and research your religion, and then retake World History. Oh, and if that doesn't help, ask just about damn near anyone if they think your degradation towards others will actually permit you to being in heaven. Think about you being in heaven. Impure thoughts like yours have no place in God's domain.

Philip at 12:31am April 16
Admit it. I'm not going to stop asking. Don't lie to everyone.

Caitlin at 12:32am April 16
the greatest comandments were to LOVE your neighbors and LOVE your ENEMIES as yourself...if you believe in jesus you have to believe in loving others which includes respecting their believes

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:32am April 16
alap is upset because he partakes in a false religion

i would be too.

have fun guys!!

Jacob at 12:33am April 16
Love me Dwayne

Jesseeca at 12:33am April 16
And really Dwayne, you misunderstood my other comment. I speak for myself because I am the only thing I truly have the right to speak for. You can't say that you know everything. You can't say you know every single conservatives' point of view or opinion. You can't say you know every single Christian's point of view. There are infinite opinions because there will always be a difference between how you see the world, and how everyone else sees the world.
I fully embrace that I don't know everything. And like I said, I am the dumbest person you'll ever meet. I'm not being sarcastic in that. You may think it, but I'm not. I'm dead serious.

Alap at 12:34am April 16
what Caitlin said stands true. What you insulted Philip with about his sister.....there's no way in heaven or hell God can accept that kind of shames me to think that someone could stoop that low.

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:34am April 16
oh i do i dont hate anyone.
i just say things to get yall going. its entertaining dude. this is more fun then listening to obamas speeches.

Jacob at 12:36am April 16
Doesn't look like it

Alap at 12:37am April 16
If degrading one's religion, family, and other values is your way of getting your rocks off, then you need to end your life now. This society can do without you. Hitler used to do the same thing.

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:37am April 16
oh it is. its crazy how you can see the true side of people by saying simple things that you dont necessarily ive done this entire time. you find out a lot.

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:38am April 16
alap just called me am i killing jews here?

Jacob at 12:38am April 16
That is low to think that you joke around about people's friends and religeon.

Philip at 12:39am April 16
You're sending Jews to hell though, right?

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:39am April 16

Alap at 12:40am April 16
right....cuz killing Jews is the only thing Hitler did wrong.

And yeah, I actually do believe you believe everything you wrote here. Now you're just trying to back off because you found out you were wrong, or that you just can't win. So just leave.

Jacob at 12:40am April 16
You think dieing is worse than Hell?

Jesseeca at 12:41am April 16
I'm glad you're finding out a lot about everyone. I hope you learn something.

Elizabeth at 12:43am April 16
hey dwayne...
isn't coye still your pastor?
the same coye still who spent years in india on a missionary trip..
maybe you should ask him about some of this religion complex you're having...

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:43am April 16
oh i did. and what kinda question is that jacob wtf?

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:44am April 16
yea i believe everything i wrote hear alap! go worship your false idol.

Jacob at 12:44am April 16
Did need your rhetoric, just an answer.

Jacob at 12:45am April 16

Jacob at 12:46am April 16
Yay! I got two new friends out of this.

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:47am April 16
way to go dude! moving up in the world! and you are all right. ill just tell you what you want to hear so you'll feel better since alap wants me too.

Jake at 12:47am April 16
Dwayne, please calm down and listen to some of what you are saying...

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:48am April 16
i have everyone else is right. i guess telling all the libs there right is the only way to make them calm down dude.

Leah at 12:49am April 16
dwayne, please get your facts straight before you give Baptists, Pastor Coye, and UHBC a bad rep...

Jacob at 12:49am April 16

Jacob at 12:50am April 16
*facepalm* Not.... liberal...

Alap at 12:50am April 16
no. getting you to accept that maybe you're views are askew would make us more calm. Also, apologize to Philip and Cynthia for what you said. It's one thing to attack an entire religion. It's another to directly attack a family.

Philip at 12:50am April 16
Like so many others have said, you're only saying you "were lying" and you're "backing off" because you're losing your confidence and regretting your words.

Dwayne at 12:51am April 16
alap is getting righteous.
why dont you apologize to me for sending me this letter alap?

Philip at 12:52am April 16
Alap, don't worry. I don't need an apology. I'm not insulted, at least not in terms of what defines "insult". I need Dwayne to tell the good people and his God that he lied.

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:52am April 16
what "facts" do i not have straight leah according to you since you know fact from fiction??!

Jake at 12:52am April 16
Dwayne, you need to come to terms with what you know about, and what you assume.

Insults are not going to work in college and in adult life, nor now. You have to get out of this habit and be open to compromise.

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:53am April 16
lets pray about this.

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:53am April 16
and ill take that to heart jake thats deep dude.

Jacob at 12:53am April 16
I am good people!
Yay, thanks Philip

Philip at 12:54am April 16
To which God do I pray?

Jake at 12:54am April 16
how dwayne? how can we pray on it, when you are lambasting everything prayer stands for?

Jesseeca at 12:54am April 16
Well that's not good enough for me. I don't care if you don't change your mind; that's not what I'm arguing for. You have your opinions; I have no right to change them.
But what I think you should come away from this is that
1) Insults don't work against valid arguments
2) There are no absolutes in this world
3) Respect everyone...
You say you don't hate anyone, but then why insult them?
Why not love, respect, and accept them? Isn't that the least we can all do?

Jacob at 12:55am April 16
Ima pray right now. For the REAL lost ones.

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:55am April 16
idk philip idc philip
about you or anyone else in this note dude.
plain and simple.

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:56am April 16
it is jesseeca but i can't respect murderers thats not me. but go ahead if you can more power to you.

Jacob at 12:57am April 16
Why are you only politley conversating with Jess???

Jake at 12:57am April 16
If you can read the bible, do so. Because you need a throrough update. What would Jesus be saying to all of us here?

Would he call us "assclowns" or unamerican for that matter?

Elizabeth at 12:59am April 16
i think leah's facts are straight.

Dwayne O'Rear at 12:59am April 16
hmm no there not. read her wall.

Dwayne O'Rear at 1:00am April 16
probably not jake. but im not jesus so dont compare me to him.

Jesseeca at 1:00am April 16
And who are the murderers you speak of? There is a murderer in every affiliation there ever was. You can't deny that.

Jacob at 1:01am April 16
Uhhh. Well then. Still haven't answered my question.
Do you like Jess or something? I could totally work that.

Jake at 1:01am April 16
you are a christian, are you not? Do you not aspire to be christlike?

Dwayne O'Rear at 1:01am April 16
the woman who have the babies killed that they conceived. those murderers.

Dwayne O'Rear at 1:02am April 16
yea thats it work it for me jacob
and i dont aspire to be something that nobody can match jake.

Caitlin at 1:03am April 16
but you are saying that you cannot respect any of us in this say abortion is murder...who in this post has had an abortion you know of so that you can claim your disrespect of them???

Jake at 1:03am April 16
Then you are saying you can't love your neighbor. that it's impossible to love a homo, a jew, a muslim, a lesbian.

Alap at 1:03am April 16
You can't match it, but you should at least follow His teachings.

Caitlin at 1:05am April 16
to be christian you must try to be like christ...i am not saying be jesus, because that is imposible...but everything is posible through christ, so through christ you can learn to love others, which you are not trying to do

Dwayne O'Rear at 1:05am April 16
nobody has caitlin but elizabeth and leah support it so...theres your answer.

Jesseeca at 1:06am April 16
Yet, what of all other murderers? How is abortion a bigger crime than any other murder?
Murder is found everywhere. Some conservatives support it, some conservatives are against it.
Some liberals support it, some are against it.
And how are you associating abortion with anyone of us? None of us have expressed our views on abortion in this post.

Jacob at 1:07am April 16
pow pow! bam!
go jess!

Caitlin at 1:07am April 16
but you only said you cannot respect murders...i do not know of a single person in this post that has committed murder, so that means you should give these people just a tiny bit of respect for what they believe is right

Jake at 1:07am April 16
No one is pro-Abortion.

Elizabeth at 1:07am April 16
dwayne.... i am not saying "oh go kill babies" nope.
i'm saying i don't think babies should be born into unwanted situations. i told you i would never get one. but who am i to judge these women? i am not a judgmental person, like you obviously.

Dwayne O'Rear at 1:09am April 16
just because i think abortion is wrong means im a judgmental person..thats fair elizabeth.

Leah at 1:09am April 16
dwayne have you ever carried a baby or gotten pregnant?

Jacob at 1:09am April 16
I am feeling like this conversation is about to die.

Jacob at 1:10am April 16
You are so judgmental, don't even go there

Jake at 1:10am April 16
Dwayne, like I said earlier. If you don't know the issue, stay out of it.

Elizabeth at 1:10am April 16
the things you've said about other religions and other denominations besides the Baptist one shows you're a judgmental person.

Jake at 1:11am April 16
Hypocrisy is indefinite to you.

Dwayne O'Rear at 1:12am April 16
it is dude it is. and no leah but if i did i wouldnt let a doctor stick a needle in me and kill it like you would

Leah at 1:13am April 16
i never said i would, however i'm not taking that choice away from other women. but i'm pretty sure you have no idea what that is like so you can't form that great of an opinion on it

Caitlin at 1:14am April 16
no one ever said they would have an abortion if they had to make that choice...they just said they do not think it is right to force someone to do something they do not believe in, which is why it is called pro-choice not pro-abortion

Taylor at 1:14am April 16
All of you just calm down. This is going no where. I doubt Dwayne even really believes half the crap he's spouting. He just wants to get a reaction out of any one of you that he can.

Dwayne you may want to spread your religion, and that's great, but you need to honestly just shut the fuck up (sorry for the language) and rethink how you're going about it. How are you ever going to convince anyone that religion in any form is good if you just make a pathetic spectacle of yourself?

You are one of the saddest excuses for a Christian I have ever met, and have done nothing here but make yourself seem more ignorant and stupid.... Read More

I honestly hope you change how you behave, and I pray that God has mercy on your soul. I'm sorry if this is overly insulting, but you have made a mockery of what my religion, and myself, believe in, and have obviously upset several of my friends. So again, stop talking , at least until you've learned to listen to someone other than yourself.

Alap at 1:15am April 16
We could go on all night about how abortion is or isn't murder. that's not the point here. the point is that you're condemning these people to the same level as a Nazi, only with babies. And regardless of views, that just wrong. you shouldn't judge someone to be a completely horrible person because they have a difference in opinion.

Jacob at 1:15am April 16
Now we are going into a abortion debate?
Fun stuff!
Ima work up my arguement, gimmie a minute

Jake at 1:16am April 16 rock.

Dwayne O'Rear at 1:16am April 16
were runnin in circles
and taylor who are you to say shit to me?

Dwayne O'Rear at 1:17am April 16
you dont know me

Jake at 1:18am April 16
who are you to say anything to anybody else!!! JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED YOURSELF, for what you deal out to others will be dealt back to you.

Jacob at 1:18am April 16
Were is past tense refrence
We're is we are

Jacob at 1:18am April 16
Sorry, bad grammar drives me nuts

Philip t 1:18am April 16
The guy who gives the lethal injection is, by definition, a murderer.

If they had a robot do it, the guy who pressed the button controlling the robot to give the lethal injection would be, by definition, a murderer.

So you just killed one of your beliefs, Dwayne. Will you reply to this, or back away and ignore it? Or maybe lie and claim you don't believe in capital punishment?

Taylor at 1:19am April 16
I do. I've met so many of you it almost makes me sick. You claim my religion so that you can gain a pedestal to put yourself over everyone else.

Elizabeth at 1:20am April 16
john 8:7.
let those without sin cast the first stone.
dwayne, unless you plan on becoming jesus anytime soon (BIG NO), i think you need to put down your stones.

Jake at 1:21am April 16
People like you, Dwayne, are the ones who bring religion into the political arena, where it does not belong! we can clearly see when religion is used, we have people interpret it in ways that tarnish the good name of that religion.

Jacob at 1:22am April 16
I think Dwayne is done
Sorry for the crap dude, but you needed to hear it.

Taylor at 1:24am April 16
So for all of us Dwayne. Grow up, before your misguided actions take you to the same place that it did the "Christians" that started the Crusades.

In Hell.